If you’ve ever thought of trying out chrome nails, but thought it was too difficult… Think again, here is an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to create the mirror chrome look at home using normal UV gel polish.

  • Nail prep tools (nail file, buff, cuticle pusher/clipper and primer)
  • UV Gel Base Coat
  • Black (or other very dark) UV Gel Polish
  • Chrome Powder
  • Eyeshadow applicator (new or cleaned and dry)
  • UV Gel Top Coat (must be a non-wipe top coat)
  • UV Nail Lamp
  • Fan brush (or similar soft make up brush)
  • Prep the nail as usual for applying a gel polish manicure.
  • Apply the gel base coat and cure as normal (time as indicated for your strength of lamp).
  • Apply the gel polish color, curing in-between each coat as normal (for a dark color, thin coats and a slightly longer curing time is suggested – dark colors can take a bit longer to cure that light colors).
  • Apply the gel top coat, but cure for the minimal time only (slightly less than usual time, the top coat should still be slightly stick to the touch).
  • Now it’s time to do the chrome powder application.
  • Dip the one side of the applicator into the chrome powder and rub it onto the nail. Make sure you use generous amount of powder to coat the full nail.
  • Once you have covered the full nail evenly with the chrome powder, turn over the applicator and use the clean side to buff/polish the nail. Buffing with the applicator will give the nail an even shiny look.
  • Wipe away any excess powder from cuticle area with a fan brush (or something similar).
  • End with a layer of gel top coat and cure for the normal time.
  • Your are now finished and should have smooth, shiny chrome looking nails.

Why isn’t the chrome powder sticking to my nails?

You may have over cured your top coat before applying the chrome powder, cure it for less next time. Before applying the chrome powder it is recommended to cure your non-wipe top coat the lowest number (shortest time) that your lamp has, usually around 20-30 seconds on average.

Can I use a lighter color if I don’t have black or a dark color gel?

You will need to use either black (or a very dark colour) to show off the chrome’s shade and effect the best. Lighter colors can be used if you are using holographic or mermaid powder, using the same application method as for chrome powder.

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