Using nail foils is the easiest way to create stunning and detailed nail art without any artist skills. There are so many different patterns and styles available, it’s easy to find a few that suit your style!

  • Nail prep tools (nail file, buff, cuticle pusher/clipper and primer)
  • UV Base Coat
  • UV Gel Polish (any color that complements your chosen foils)
  • Gel Residue Wipe Off Solution (or a non-acetone nail polish remover)
  • Lint-free nail wipes
  • Sticky / Transfer Foil Gel
  • Nail Foil in your chosen pattern
  • UV Top Coat
  • UV Nail Lamp
  • Prep the nail as usual for applying a gel polish manicure.
  • Apply the base coat and cure as normal (time as indicated for your strength of lamp).
  • Apply 1 coat of gel polish (in any color complementing your chosen nail foil) and cure for the normal time.
  • After curing, the colour will be a bit sticky to the touch.
  • Wipe off the sticky gel layer using lint-free nail wipes soaked in gel residue wipe off solution. If you do not have gel residue wipe off solution, you can use an non-acetone nail polish remover instead.
  • Now apply the Sticky Gel / Transfer Gel and cure under your lamp for the usual time.
  • Before continuing, allow nail to cool down for at least 30 seconds after curing
  • Place the foil (silver/shiny side down) onto the cured and cooled sticky gel, pressing down firmly to make sure the foil comes into contact with the entire nail surface. Using a hoofstick can be handy for this step, as it will reach the edges of the nail right up to the cuticle.
  • Once you are satisfied that the foil has made contact with the whole surface you want covered by foil, gently peel the foil off from the nail. The transfer layer will stick onto gel surface if all has been done correctly.
  • Apply a single layer of base coat and cure (if you miss this step, your top coat will start peeling off after a day or 2)
  • Seal with top coat and cure.

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