Poly Gel is basically inbetween a gel polish manicure and acrylic nails. Poly Gel is a lot harder than gel polish, but more flexible than acrylic. This makes Poly Gel the perfect nail solution for instant length and colour in 1 easy step… well maybe a few steps, but still very easy to accomplish at home.

  • Nail prep tools (nail file, buff, cuticle pusher/clipper and primer)
  • UV Base Coat
  • Poly Gel (in your chosen color)
  • Dual nail forms (reusable full nail tips)
  • Nail clip (to hold the nail form in place)
  • Slip Solution (or rubbing alcohol if you don’t have)
  • Poly Gel brush
  • Small spatula (or flat end of a stainless steel cuticle pusher can be used)
  • UV Top Coat
  • UV Nail Lamp
  • Get the required products ready around you on your table, and then select the correct size of dual nail forms for all 10 of your nails.┬áThe dual nail form should be a bit larger on the sides of the nails than the actual nail.┬áThis will prevent any open space being created once the gel has hardened.
  • Prep and prime you nails as you would before any gel polish application, except this time you want to keep you nails short as you’ll be extending their length using the poly gel.
  • Before you begin, be sure your nails are completely dry of primer and all filing dust has been brushed away.
  • Apply a clear gel base coat and cure under your lamp for the usual time required.
  • Use your spatula and put small amount of polygel onto the dual form.
  • Dip the brush into the slip solution, then dab your brush onto a cloth or paper towel before forming the gel on the dual form. When forming the gel onto the dual form, be careful to spread it evenly and neatly. If you are adding quite a bit of length, it would be advised to keep the gel a bit thicker in the middle than near the cuticle or sides. This will give the longer nail more strength, and also look most natural in shape.
  • Cure under your lamp – you might find it easier to finish one nail and cure it before continuing to the next one.
  • Once the poly gel has cured, you can gently remove the dual form, file down the edges and shape your nail.
  • You can now apply art, another colour or just a gel top coat, and cure to finish.

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