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The best way to apply foils to your nails, is to get yourself a 'Sticky Gel' or 'Foil Transfer Gel' 

Although there are a few different names, they are all pretty much the same product and all work the same.


Here are the steps:


  • Prep your nail as usual for applying a gel polish manicure.

  • Apply your base coat and cure for recommended time.

  • Apply 1 coat of any color gel polish and cure 


Tip - choose a color that compliments the pattern on the foil, especially if your foil has a transparent background.

This is also handy if a small section of the foil doesn't transfer, it will be less noticable then. 


  • Wipe the tacky colour gel layer off your nail with nail wipes

  • Apply Sticky Gel / Transfer Gel and cure under your lamp

  • Allow to cool down for 30 seconds

  • Place the foil (silver/shiny side down) onto the cured and cooled sticky gel, pressing down firmly to make sure the foil comes into contact with the entire nail surface.

  • Gently peel the foil off - the transfer layer will stick onto gel surface.

  • Seal with top coat and cure.

  • Repeat with a second top coat for a longer lasting manicure.


Purchace Foil Sticky Gel here


Nail Foils can be foiund unther the Nail Art tab