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There are a few different ways to apply nail glitter to a Gel Manicure at home.

Here are 2 of the most popular (and easiest) ways!



Dip (or sprinkle) method:

Use fine glitter for this application method


  • Prep & prime your nails as normal for gel application.

  • Apply your base coat and cure.

  • Apply two coats of any colour, curing between each layer (choose a color that compliments your glitter).

  • Now before applying the top coat, put your finger into the glitter, or sprinkle the glitter over the nail, depending on how much glitter you want on the nail. The glitter will stick to the tacky (sticky) cured gel.


Note - Be gentle if dipping your nail into the glitter, don't bump the nail as this could cause an uneven look. Sprinkling the glitter onto the nail until you have the desired amount/coverage is probably the better option... although this can get a bit messy, so keep a paper towel under your hand to catch the falling glitter.


  • Gently press the glitter onto the nail before tapping off any excess.

  • Remove all excess glitter with a fan brush (or similar soft brush you have available).

  • Apply 2 coats of top coat, curing each layer - this will ensure the glitter stays in place. 




Create your own Pre-Mixed Glitter Gel:

Any glitter can be use for this method


Pour out a little clear gel into a mixing pallet or small container, add glitter and mix well. I find an old jar cap works very well, as in the photo above.

You will need a gel brush to apply this method.



  • If the clear gel you use is a Base Coat ~ unsure you first apply an non-glittered base coat to prepped and primed nails, before continuing with the glittered base coat - sealing with a top coat. This will give you a clear nail with glitter, so you can use any color glitter you want.


  • If the clear gel you use is a Top Coat ~ prep and prime your nails, apply your normal base coat and color gel layers, curing in between each layer as usual. Then apply and cure your glittered top coat, but also seal with an non-glittered top coat. This will give you a colored nail with glitter on top, so here you have to consider which colors you use... You don't want the nail color and the glitter color to clash.


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